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    • Michael Sweeney, Mayor, City of Hayward, Retired
    • Margaret Mary (Mimi) Bauer, President, Fairway Park Neighborhood Association
    • Joseph A. Ochoa,  35-year Hayward Resident, Southgate Neighborhood
    • Freddye M. Davis, President, Hayward South Alameda County NAACP
    • Joan E. Sieber, Retired Professor, Cal State University East Bay


    • Judith Harrison: President, Friends of Hayward Library 
    • Julius C. Willis: Board Member, Eden Shores Homeowners Association
    • Minane Jameson: Vice President, Fairway Park Neighborhood Association, HARD Director
    • Randy J. Wright: Block Captain, Neighborhood Alert - Hayward Hills
    • Elisa Márquez:  Mayor Pro Tem, City of Hayward, Lifelong Resident

    Elected and Former Elected Officials 

    Bill Quirk, Assemblymember District 20
    Bob Weickowski, State Senator, 10th District
    Richard Valle, Alameda County Board of Supervisor District 2
    Barbara Halliday, Mayor, City of Hayward
    Elisa Márquez, Mayor Pro Tem, City of Hayward
    Francisco Zermeño, Councilmember, City of Hayward
    Marvin Peixoto, Councilmember, City of Hayward
    Al Mendall, Councilmember, City of Hayward
    Sara Lamnin, Councilmember, City of Hayward
    Mike Sweeney, former Mayor, City of Hayward
    Kevin Dowling, former Councilmember, City of Hayward
    Greg Jones, former Councilmember, City of Hayward
    Johan Klehs, former Assembly Member
    Minane Jameson, HARD Director; Vice-President, Fairway Park Neighborhood Association
    Rick Hatcher, HARD Director
    Dennis Waespi, Board Member Ward 3, East Bay Regional Parks District
    Rocky Fernandez, CA Democratic Party Regional Director

    Additional endorsements

    Hayward Board and Commission Members
    Angela Andrews, Hayward Planning Commissioner
    Ray Bonilla Jr., Hayward Planning Commissioner
    Peter Bufete, Hayward Library Commissioner
    Helene Carr, Treasurer, Friends of Hayward Library
    Evelyn Cormier, Board Member, Friends of Hayward Library
    Freddye Davis, President, Southern Alameda County NAACP
    Ginny Delaney, Member, Keep Hayward Clean and Green Taskforce
    Mariellen Faria, Hayward Planning Commissioner
    Michael Francisco, Hayward Community Services Commissioner
    Daniel Goldstein, Hayward Planning Commissioner
    Saira Guzman, Hayward Community Services Commissioner
    Antonio Isais, Former Chair Hayward Community Services Commission
    Ria Lancaster, Hayward Community Task Force Member
    Jose Lara,
    Hayward Community Services Commissioner
    Libby Ledezma, 2016  Hayward Police Officer of the Year
    Rodney Loché, former Hayward Planning Commissioner
    Kari McAllister
    , Hayward Library Commissioner
    Dianne McDermott, Hayward Planning Commissioner
    Arzo Mehdavi, Hayward Community Services Commissioner
    Kindra Mendall, former Chair, Keep Hayward Clean and Green Task Force
    Linda Moore, Hayward Community Services Commissioner
    Andrea Peixoto, Chair, HUSD Personnel Commission
    Arvindra Reddy, Hayward Community Services Commissioner
    Julie Roche, Vice-Chair, Hayward Community Services Commission
    Ernesto Sarmiento, Hayward Community Services Commissioner
    Julius Willis, Hayward Planning Commissioner, and Eden Shores HOA Board Member
    Rachel Zargar, Hayward Community Services Commissioner

    City of Hayward's Public Safety
    Hayward Firefighters Local 1909
    Hayward Police Officers Association

    Organized Labor 
    The Alameda Labor Council, AFL-CIO 
    Building & Construction Trades Council of Alameda County
    IBEW, Local Union 595
    IFPTE Local 21
    Northern California Carpenters Regional Council
    Plumbers and Steamfitters Local 342
    Sheet Metal Workers Local Union No. 104
    Sprinkler Fitters Local 483
    Teamsters Local 70

    Business Organizations and Leaders
    Robert Bridges, Hayward Homeowner and Owner of Bridges Construction Services, Inc
    Roseann Torres, Attorney, Torres Law Firm

    Clubs and Associations
    Alameda County Democratic Party
    Friends of Hayward Library
    Hayward Area Democratic Club
    South Alameda County Young Democrats

    Community Leaders
    Renato Alambat, Hayward Homeowner
    Elisa Alarcon,
    Hayward Homeowner Old Highlands, 52 year resident
    Larry Arsten, Former City of Hayward Fire Chief
    Elisabeth Bandermann, Hayward Homeowner
    Larry and Renel Birk, Hayward Residents
    Terrance Braggs, Hayward Resident
    Jesse Canchola, President, Latin America Community Assistance Foundation
    Janevette Cole, Hayward Homeowner
    Ginny DeMartini, AD 20 Vice Chair, Alameda County Democratic Party
    Adrienne Duckworth, Hayward Homeowner
    Rosa Escobedo, Hayward Resident & Educator
    Esmeralda Espinoza, Espinoza Financial & Insurance Services 
    Richard (Rich) Fierro, 30-year Homeowner, Jackson Triangle Neighborhood
    Manuel Flores, Hayward Homeowner 2 years, Glassbrook Neighborhood
    Samuel Fuenzalida, 34 year resident, Mt. Eden Neighborhood
    Greg Galati, Hayward Homeowner 18 years, Glassbrook Neighborhood
    John and Georgia Gruver, Hayward Residents
    Barbara Harris, Hayward Resident
    Gil Hesia, President, Hayward Chapter SEIU
    Linton Johnson, BART Chief Strategist
    Mohammed Khan, 28-year Hayward Homeowner
    Nusrat Khan, Hayward Resident
    David Krug, Hayward Homeowner
    Alexia Lamarque, Hayward Resident
    Sherman Lewis, Professor Emeritus, CSU Hayward
    Elgin Lowe, Senior Deputy District Attorney, Alameda County DA Office
    Bishop Jerry W. Macklin, Glad Tidings Church 
    Jamie Martin, Hayward Emergency Dispatcher
    Felix and Karen Martinez, 20-year Homeowners, Longwood Neighborhood
    Julieta Martinez, Hayward Resident
    Jose Montes, Hayward Homeowner
    Ralph Morales, Executive Director, South Hayward Parish
    Michelle Moreno, Chabot College Student
    Fred Morrison, Marriage Family Therapist, Executive Board, HADC
    Joe Navarro, Hayward Resident
    Ramon Ochoa, Hayward Homeowner
    April Oquenda, PhD., California State University Educator
    Leopoldo Piña, Hayward Resident
    Farima Pour-Khorshid, USF Professor
    Didacus Ramos, Urban Planner
    Ken Rawdon, Retired Hayward Teacher
    G.T. Reyes, California State University Educator
    Heather Reyes, long time Hayward Resident
    Fredrick and Maria Rezentes, Hayward Residents
    Nancy Rivera, Executive Director, A-1 Community Housing Services  
    Joseph Romo, Hayward Resident 
    Vanessa Russell, Executive Director, Love Never Fails
    Jose Santana, Hayward Homeowner
    Marinela Sequeira, Hayward Resident
    Fred Simon, Civil Engineer
    Kay Thomas, Hayward Homeowner
    Mary Thomas, Hayward Resident
    Rick Trullinger, Insurance Broker
    Ada Washington, Hayward Resident


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