How do we know that Hayward will keep its promise to spend the RPTT money on expanding library hours and maintaining core services?

The City of Hayward and its Council has a strong track record of keeping past promises.  During the Great Recession in 2008, the Council proposed Measure A and promised that if it passed, then no police or fire personnel would be laid off despite the deep recession.  Measure A did pass and the City kept its promise by maintaining police and fire staffing levels without layoffs.  In 2014, the City proposed Measure C to fund a new library, repair roads, renovate every fire station, build a new fire training center and to hire more police and maintenance personnel.  Measure C passed and the City Council kept its promise when it hired more police, 911 call takers and maintenance workers in 2015/16; performed the largest road repair in its history in 2016/17; renovated all its fire stations in 2017/18; will break ground on the new fire training center in 2019; and will open the new library this October 27th.