Vote YES on Measure D

VOTE YES on Measure D to maintain funding for ESSENTIAL City of Hayward services without raising your tax rate.


In 2009, Hayward voters approved a local utility users tax (uut), Measure A, to prevent devastating cuts to public services in the wake of the Great Recession. Since then, the City of Hayward has worked hard to be fiscally responsible while maintaining essential city services as promised with the original Measure A.

Measure A will expire shortly; and just as in 2009, without this vital funding, the City will have no choice but to make severe service cuts.

Measure D authorizes continued funding to maintain:

  • Adequate 911 emergency response times
  • Firefighters and paramedics, (and fully operational Hayward fire stations)
  • Current levels of police staffing and neighborhood patrols
  • Youth programs that keep kids away from crime, gangs, and drugs
  • Disaster preparedness programs
  • Economic development services that stimulate the local economy

Measure D will NOT RAISE your tax rate. It simply extends WITHOUT INCREASING the current 5.5% rate originally approved by voters. By law, the State cannot take this funding away.

Measure D lasts 20 years only and REQUIRES annual audits to ensure funds are spent as promised. This funding cannot be extended without a new vote by our community.

All residents and businesses will pay their fair share. Individuals qualifying for low-income lifeline service will be eligible for an exemption.

Please join local firefighters, police officers, neighborhood leaders, seniors, parents, civic and business leaders, and residents from every neighborhood in Hayward who are uniting behind Measure D to support our community.

Keep our city moving forward without raising your tax rate.

Please VOTE YES on Measure D.