What is Measure D?

Hayward's Measure D:

      • Renews 5.5% utility user tax
      • Requires voter approval (50%+1)
      • Protects critical services
      • All revenue locally controlled
      • Sunsets at 20 years

Measure D renews Hayward's current utility users tax (UUT). It was established by Hayward voters in 2009 as a means of protecting critical city services in the wake of devastating budget cuts on the heels of the Great Recession.

Measure D is a 5.5% tax on natural gas, electricity, telecommunications (including traditional telephone service, long distance service and cellular phone service), and video/ cable television utility charges. This generates about $16 million per year for services to City of Hayward residents.

About 75% of the revenue (roughly $12 million per year) is directly allocated to public safety operations (police & fire). The remaining $4 million is used to provide other City programs such as streets and roads maintenance, library services and economic development programs.

Vote YES on D so it will stay unchanged at the current 5.5% level, resulting in no additional financial impact to residents and businesses in Hayward.