What kind of affordable housing solutions will the City pursue if Measure T passes?

The City of Hayward is active in the effort to help ease the Bay Area's current housing crisis. Passage of Measure T will help.  If voters approve the measure, the City Council will take the lead making decisions about Measure T funding and allocations. The Council could choose to allocate funds to continue the City's newly created Housing Manager, who is working to access State and County matching funds to build more affordable housing in Hayward.  Or, the Council could use Measure T funds to increase the City's investment in social service agencies that provide direct services to the homeless or individuals at high risk of becoming homeless, e.g.  temporary shelter, food access, and job training through programs like the Downtown Streets Team.  Measure T funds could also go towards supporting agencies that are providing legal advice and support on housing issues to community members.  Of course, no Measure T funds can be allocated unless or until the voters of Hayward have approved Measure T.  Once that happens, the City Council can make decisions on how best to continue addressing homelessness and affordable housing in the Hayward community.